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05 May 2021

kids room mood boards

One of the rooms that I am most excited to decorate in the new house is the play room! This is a room that will explode with fun, bright, happy colors. I am most looking forward to playing with our kids, so naturally, I am also excited to design a space where kids can play and let their imaginations run wild. I think I’m just a big kid at heart!

kids play room inspiration Inspiration for the play room - Image credit

Game Room - Before

Here’s the space that I’m working with:

game room - before

game room - before hallway view

It’s a good amount of space that is perfect for a kid’s playroom. I’m also loving that wall of windows for my plants! I’m the kind of crazy person who thinks 10 steps ahead, so I envision that this will turn into our kids’ homework room as they grow older. I know it’s insane to think so far into the future, but I’m sure my future self will thank me as I keep these kinds of things in mind while designing the room now…

My Play Room Mood Board

play room mood board yellow couch | geometric area rug | gold curtains | white cube shelves | play kitchen | mint rolling cart | kids table

You might notice that the colors and design of this room look pretty similar to our first home’s game/media room. I purposely designed that room with kids in mind so that in times like these, most of the existing furniture and decor will translate well.

For example, we already have the yellow couch and abstract art from our former living room, and white shelves, rug, poufs, and craft cart from our former game/media room.

I am most excited to buy toys (seriously, are they for kids or for me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) like the Ikea play kitchen. I’ve seen a ton of bloggers jazz up the play kitchen (see below), and a part of me wants to do that too, while my other lazy part doubts that I will actually put in the work to do it. We shall see!

jazzed up play kitchen Image credit

Another idea I love are picture-rail bookshelves that are child-height when hung up on the wall. Same goes for Ikea Kallax bookshelves to hold kids’ toys. I’m all about putting toys and items at a level where kids can reach themselves. I grew up in a Montessori setting and want that for my kids too. I want to empower them to independently self-care and play. So that they can leave me alone. LOL!

picture rail books Image credit

toy shelves Image credit

I was listening to A Beautiful Mess podcast where Elsie was talking about how your kids’ childhood is kind of like your second chance at re-living your own. Perhaps this is why I am so excited about creating this awesome play room for my kids! I want to re-experience childhood vicariously through my kids in the best way possible. They probably won’t remember much of their childhood years, but I will, and hope to nurture it the best I can. Childhood is fleeting and precious!

What do you most remember about your childhood?

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