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Three Days in Yosemite

Before attending Ryan and Masha’s wedding in California, HB and I arrived a couple days earlier to visit Yosemite. It was our first time in this national park! We had an incredible time there as we got to spend exploring it with Ethan and Sarah. We made the most of our three short days there with the following hikes and activities:

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Joshua Tree National Park

I had to eat my own words (No naps while out traveling! Sleep is for the weak!!) on the FIRST day of our trip when a 3 hr plane ride + 3 hr car ride to Joshua Tree National Park gave me a dull headache. While it bummed me out that I had to take some time to feel better, we still had plenty of time left to see parts of the park before sunset. The perks of heading west, where the sun sets at 7-8pm! With a couple of hours in Joshua Tree, here’s what we did/saw:

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We're Going on a National Parks Trip to the Southwest!

Just as the title says - we’re going on a national parks trip to the Southwest USA this next week! It has been more than a year since we last traveled, and I think we’re ready to get out. Our last trip was to Peru in Oct 2019, back when everything was “normal.” This time around, our travels will be quite different as we take more precautions to protect ourselves against COVID. Hello, face shields!

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