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Jessica's Home Office Tour

I waited to share pics of my home office until after our new floors and windows were installed. It was dark and dingy in there before, but now everything is bright and light, the perfect energizing work environment!

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Home Office Mood Board

I am very excited to have my own office in our new home! Right now, HB and I share an office (see our Home Office Tour here). It made designing the space kind of difficult since we both have different styles and in the end it became a mish-mash of our things. In my next office, I want to be more intentional about sticking to a color palette. The best part is, since it’s just me and my stuff I can decorate it however I want! I’m letting HB lead the direction of his own office - I’m interested in seeing how that’ll turn out. :joy:

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Home Office Tour

We’ve been spending a lot of time in this room in the last year - our home office. Both of us have been working from home since March 2020. While we will probably return to our actual offices at some point, but working in here for such a long time made me reconsider my entire set up. As a result, I upgraded a TON of things so now my home office setup is probably better than the one at the actual office! So come geek out with me - I’m excited to share my tech!

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