Jessica's Home Office Tour

25 October 2021


I waited to share pics of my home office until after our new floors and windows were installed. It was dark and dingy in there before, but now everything is bright and light, the perfect energizing work environment!


But first, let’s take a look at the before:

Office before Yes, the office is connected to the master bedroom!

And my vision for the space:

office mood board home office mood board post


Jessica's home office monstera leaf rug

I think I executed my mood board perfectly, if I do say so myself! I really went for a green, black, and natural wood color scheme. I really wanted it to feel both modern and natural, two vibes that can be challenging to put together. Because I had this in mind even while living in our previous home, I was able to reuse a ton of furniture and decor from the previous home office that I shared with HB.


The room is connected to the bedroom AND the entrance is double doors, so I effectively lose two walls. But I was able to fit everything that I wanted to in here! Like my plant shelf:

plant shelf ladder shelf | LED light strips | diffuser

I originally wanted to turn this room into a jungle, but didn’t have adequate lighting to do so. So I only put a minimal number of plants in here - ones that could survive under my grow lights. But now the minimalism has grown on me…I don’t think I want to add any more plants! I think I like the clean, organized look. The lack of visual clutter helps when I have to concentrate.

The wall shelving unit also moved with me:

wall shelf faux leather chair

I may not have mentioned it before in my first home office tour post, but the shelves are simply double track systems that I bought from Home Depot. They are easily customizable. I actually reconfigured it to better fit my needs in this space. My ultrawide monitor now has room to sit under the shelves.


I realized that storage was also a bit of an issue after I moved in. I have a ton of stationery and craft supplies but didn’t want them sitting out in the open. So I ended up getting this cabinet from Wayfair. TBH, it’s not the best quality and was a headache to put together, so I wouldn’t recommend it. But it looks good! :grin:

cabinet green velvet curtains

office storage Canon pixma pro printer

After we got new windows installed, I can finally put real plants on/near the cabinet. Before, all our windows were covered with solar shades, darkening the rooms inside. But now we don’t need them since the new windows have better insulation and UV protection. My plant babies are doing so well here!

ficus tineke on cabinet

watermelon peperomia on cabinet The Home Edit | Wild at Home| Wild Interiors


I also may not have mentioned this before, but my desk is simply a piece of Ikea butcher block with four hairpin legs screwed to it. It was simple enough to make, but after all the disassembling/reassembling, the legs have come a bit loose. I’d still do it again, but would reinforce the legs with some anchors in the wood.

desk setup widescreen monitor | wooden monitor stand | phone charger | mechanical keyboard | gaming mouse | Rain Design laptop stand | headphone stand


modern home office ceiling light

Light and bright is the name of the game! My grow lights certainly add a great deal of lighting during the day. In addition, I have a task lamp that clips to my shelves. I specifically looked for a clip-on lamp to avoid it taking up more desk space. It comes with a mount that can be drilled into the wall in case you don’t have anything to clip it to. Finally, I swapped out the wooden ceiling light/fan for this sleek mid-century modern light fixture. It gave the room a face-lift, instantly modernizing the room.

plant under grow light grow light

I love this bright, peaceful work space, and now that you’ve seen it, can you understand why I want to work from home for the rest of my life? :satisfied:

What about you? Do you get the option to work from home? Or would you rather go back to the office?

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