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Hobby Room Mood Board

Many homes in our area have a “formal” living room that’s usually off to the side of the entrance. To me, this room is SUCH a waste a space, because why would we need both a formal and informal living room? As I thought a little more about how I want to purpose the space for our family’s needs, it occurred to me that it would be put to good use as a hobby or music room!

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Living Room Mood Board

My imagination is going wild thinking of all the possible ways I could design our new home! Let’s start with one of the main, and most seen, spaces of the home - the living room. The way I imagine our living room to look is vastly different from what our first home’s living room looked like. For our first home, I was all about color play. I wanted bold, happy colors such as pink, yellow, and cobalt to greet me when I walked through the door. In fact, you can see what our first living room looked like in this post.

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Living Room Tour

Now that our move is a reality (yes, we’re really doing it this time!), I am panicking. I need to document the look of our current home, which I love, before we move! As a result, I speed-cleaned all the rooms and took pictures of them on the only sunny day last week. First up for showing is our living room, which I’ve actually shared here in the past. It is part of one large, open floor plan that shares a space with the dining area and kitchen downstairs. But as we change, our home also evolves with us. After a pandemic year, our living room looks vastly different now than it did before. Can you tell the differences?

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