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07 June 2022

living room

Though you might’ve seen this room many times on Instagram, I actually haven’t shared it here on the blog! I’ve been making over the living room in phases and the final touches were installed in Feb/Mar. So it’s now time to reveal the room!


But first, let’s take a look at the before:

living room before

living room before 2

living room before 3

living room before 4

And my vision for the space:

living room mood board living room mood board


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One of the biggest makeovers we did in this space is to change the flooring. It used to have old shag carpet in here. But the new flooring lightens up the entire space and makes it feel light and airy, which is exactly what I want.

living room couch leather couch | coffee table | pillow cases | side table

A lot of the furniture moved over from our old house, but some of them are new, like that leather couch! It scratches very easily (especially with a dog) but I knew that when I bought it. But the main reason I chose it was for its higher back, unlike many mid-century modern couches, which aren’t tall enough for neck support!

terrarium side table terrarium side table | faux succulents

One of my favorite things about this house was its SKY LIGHTS!! I couldn’t believe it when I first toured. “It would be perfect for all my plants,” I thought. I would’ve been very sad if we didn’t get the house. It felt like the perfect fit. And thank God we did! All the light has been doing my plants wonders, even the ones on the stair ledges far away from the windows.

living room sky lights sheer pink curtains | gold curtain rods

living room another skylight view

Despite being in front of north-facing windows, my plants have all been doing pretty well in this room. They get a few hours of beautiful morning light then are shaded for the rest of the day. Once again, I can thank those sky lights!

plants 1 white pots

plants 2 marble pot | gray pot

plants 3 I got rid of almost all my aglaonema except for this glow girl

plants 4

plants 5

Now we have got to talk about this pink fireplace. It was another feature that I loved when I first saw the house. HB did not get it. But after seeing all the dark wood, weird tile-colored fireplaces, this one was a delight. Plus, the pink fit perfectly in with my color scheme! Whoever chose this pink terrazo tile for the fireplace was a godsend and a genius. It was perfect as it was; I didn’t have to do a single thing!

fireplace overview I looked far and wide for the PERFECT mirror to go above the mantle and was so happy to have found it (on FB Marketplace!). It’s still one of my favorite thrifted finds to this day.

Now the reason why it took me so long to “finish” the living room is because it took me a long time to remodel the ex-wine rack/bar nook.

alt perspective pillow covers | feather pillow inserts

The previous owners had a wine rack/bar area (see here), but that was just not vibing with me. We took down the shelf, repainted the nook white, and it remained an empty black space for a long time. Finally, I found a cabinetmaker to create this built-in shelf for me, got it painted, and now I looove the result!

built-in shelf gold knobs

shelf close-up I moved all of the stuff from the wooden console (also a secondhand find!) onto these shelves. Making room for baby toys on the console instead!

shelf close-up 2 LEGO bonsai

I hope you enjoyed my living room tour! You can also shop my home on Amazon. What’s your living room vibe?

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