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26 April 2021

living room first home

Now that our move is a reality (yes, we’re really doing it this time!), I am panicking. I need to document the look of our current home, which I love, before we move! As a result, I speed-cleaned all the rooms and took pictures of them on the only sunny day last week. First up for showing is our living room, which I’ve actually shared here in the past. It is part of one large, open floor plan that shares a space with the dining area and kitchen downstairs. But as we change, our home also evolves with us. After a pandemic year, our living room looks vastly different now than it did before. Can you tell the differences?

living room

The first difference you’ll notice are the addition of all the plants. I kind of went crazy last year with this new hobby. The irony is that I orignally bought fake plants for our house, decided to grow real plants, and ended up RETURNING all the fake plants. Unfortunately this is not my only shopping regret! More of those TBD in later posts… I am actually trying to pare down the number of plants I have, but they keep growing and I keep propagating them! :smile:

living room angle pillow inserts | coffee table | side table

More close-ups of all my different plant zones:

entry way Let’s all take a moment and appreciate that perfect monstera leaf rug. Haha!

I originally thought this entryway corner was getting a lot of light coming in from the door’s windows. But that turned out to not be true after I measured this space with a light meter. Since our door is shaded under an awning, it vastly reduced the amount of bright light. Hence the giant, blinding grow light bulb. It’s been keeping my plants alive and growing, so whatever works…

entry way close-up plant stand | 3-tier plant stand | shoe rack | multicolored coat rack | monstera leaf rug

Ah yes, I love this gallery wall. It has grown over the years. Almost all the art are handmade by me. I did this to create a gallery wall on the cheap! :laughing: But I also enjoy the creative process. In fact, you can browse and purchase my photography on my online store.

gallery wall grow light bulbs

The jackpot sun spot in the living room: right next to TWO windows, one of them a southern-facing one! This corner gets a lot of really great light, and my plants are doing really well here.

plant corner similar arc lamp | grow light bulbs

This ladder shelf originally held a bunch of knick-knacks. It still holds a few souvenir pieces like our painting that we got from Qatar, but I’ve since converted it into a plant shelf! I love these LED grow light strips that I added to the shelves. Ever since I discovered grow lights, I learned that I can grow plants anywhere! The possibilities are limitless!!

ladder shelf ladder shelf | succulent planters | round pots | terrarium end table | LED light strips

I love the colors in our living room. They’re all bright shades of pink, yellow, and blue, which give off a youthful and happy energy. I have plans to keep some of these brighter colors in our new home, while toning it down in other places - stick around and you’ll see! UPDATE 4/28: See the inspo post Living Room Mood Board!

blue armchairs

What is your home’s vibe? What in your home sparks joy for you?

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