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Our Harry Potter Themed Media Room

It’s show time! The media room was THE first room that I wanted to work on after we moved in. I so desperately wanted to feel “at home” in this new house, and for me, what brings me comfort is watching TV. As a result, the media room was first priority. No joke, a week after moving in, we started painting the walls of this room BLACK! Cue “Paint it Black”… :musical_note:

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Media Room Mood Board

What makes the movie theater experience so special? It is the dark, sound-proof room with a big screen and surround sound. So that we can be truly immersed in the movie! When I think about creating a media room in my own home, I want to replicate these same factors to turn a room into a theater. I really love the execution Albie Buabeng did here in her home:

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Game/Media Room Tour

One of my favorite rooms in our home is the game/media room. It’s fun, colorful, and comfortable. We certainly spend a lot of time in here, and especially during this last year…it provided us a good amount of entertainment while we were stuck at home. Come on in; I’m excited to share our different interests/hobbies that can be seen throughout this room!

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