Media Room Mood Board

26 May 2021

media room mood boards

What makes the movie theater experience so special? It is the dark, sound-proof room with a big screen and surround sound. So that we can be truly immersed in the movie! When I think about creating a media room in my own home, I want to replicate these same factors to turn a room into a theater. I really love the execution Albie Buabeng did here in her home:

Black Panther media room Image credit

The two ideas I took away from her home media room was the black walls and the theme. Obviously, a media room should be like a dark cave (the one room in the house where I don’t mind it NOT being light and airy)! And I love the playfulness surrounding the Black Panther theme. It is our home after all, so we should be able to infuse our own personalities and tastes into the decor.

Media Room - Before

Media Room - before

We’ll have to figure out a good room layout that will accommodate our big ass TV, which I talked about here.

media room nook

So excited by that recessed nook! Thinking about turning it into a snack bar!

Media Room Mood Board

media room mood board

My big idea here is to not only paint the room black, but to also add wall paneling. I think it adds a nice touch of texture and interest, otherwise, all-black walls could look a little flat. I think Chris Loves Julia executed this tongue-in-groove paneling very well in their daughter’s room (see below), which inspired me to think about trying it here as well.

purple wall paneling Image credit

You may also notice that the theme of my media room is Harry Potter! To no one’s surprise. I’m going for a Hogwarts Castle / Gryffindor common room vibe though neither of us are Gryffindor, haha. But they have the color scheme that will most easily fit in with the rest of my home’s decor. So even though the rich red rug doesn’t really fit the vibe in the rest of my home, it’s a nod to Gryffindor and it’s a piece that can be easily swapped out if I tire of it.

I want to bring in additional warmth to the room with natural material, especially with a leather couch. I snagged one off of Craigslist the other day. I’m really hoping that it will work in this space. Fingers crossed!!

What completes a media room for you?

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