Nursery Mood Board

25 May 2022

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You can bet that I’ve immediately got started on the nursery ever since I learned I was pregnant. In fact, I have a Pinterest board full of nursery ideas that I compiled before I even had any intention of having kids. All this dreaming has paid off!

All of those Pinterest ideas came in handy when I wanted to put together a gender-neutral nursery for my kid. Though we’re having a boy, I want the styles and design to be timeless, easy to match, and of course beautiful. I think our society puts way too much emphasis on gender, and I want to de-emphasize it as much as possible when it comes to our kid.

With that said, here’s my nursery mood board:

nursery mood board

And this is the “before:”

nursery before picture

You might notice that the mood board does not contain a crib. We want to try out the Montessori floor bed idea. This allows baby to sleep on a low mattress on the ground and have the autonomy to get up and out if he wants to. We will certainly baby-proof the rest of the room before he becomes mobile, but I like this idea because it allows them to exercise independence early on. Ultimately, this room will be the “yes” space in our house where I can leave the child by himself without any worries.

The color scheme was based on the bedding that I found. Aren’t the camping animals so cute?! I also loved it because it can work for either boys or girls. You can bet that I’m buying everything with the intention of being able to reuse them for any future children! The rest of the room will have pops of yellow, blue, and orange while keeping everything else neutral. I want to keep the room as minimal as possible so it won’t be distracting for a young child. I, too, want to feel calm and relaxed when I go in there!

HB has already been a superdad and painted the nursery a few weeks ago. It now has a fresh, clean slate for me work with. Stay tuned for the finished nursery reveal!

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