Kid's Bathroom Makeover

03 September 2022

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This was our last big home project to cross off the list before Baby L is born! I really wanted to make over this bathroom that’s next to the nursery to be both beautiful and kid-friendly for the years to come. It was so bland and boring (you’ll see below)! I’m so proud of all the hard work HB put into this bathroom makeover, especially since I couldn’t help out as much as I would’ve liked to.


Let’s first take a walk down memory lane. This bathroom was largely neglected after we bought the house simply because we don’t use it much.

bathroom listing The original listing photo

bathroom before After move-in

Mood Board

bathroom mood board I always start with a mood board! See all my other mood boards here.

The biggest thing I wanted to change was the vanity top. It was originally made of some sort of plastic/laminate material that’s so common to 90’s homes. I wanted to switch it out to quartz, my #1 choice when it comes to counter and vanity tops. A marble look-alike without the special care of real marble? Yes please!

The vanity cabinets were also very much in need of a paint job. I’m pretty sure the original white paint was on there, all chipped, stained, and dingy. I thought that a deep, royal blue would look fantastic and hide any further stains in a kid’s bathroom… :grimacing: Also let me be clear that I didn’t intentionally choose blue for a boy! I hate assigning gender to color. This could’ve been a pink bathroom for all I care, but I have plans for a pink bathroom elsewhere in our house… In the end, I chose the paint color “Very Navy” by Behr.


shower curtain shower curtain | curtain clips | towel bar

The shower curtain certainly adds to the “wow” factor, right?! It took me forever to choose a curtain design. But the ultimate inspiration were the tigers. Baby L is going to be born in the year of the tiger (same as my mom!), so I wanted to pay homage to that. Plus I love the jungle theme with pops of bright colors against the navy blue.

bathroom vanity faucet | toilet paper holder | cabinet knobs | mirror | light fixture

I’m also super stoked with how the vanity turned out. The vanity was an unconventional size, so it was really hard to find the perfect vanity top. But one week Home Depot was having a sale, so I said screw it, let’s just get a pretty vanity top that’s on sale and that’s what I did. It’s made of engineered marble, and honestly I can’t tell the difference between that and quartz. Both have a similar look and feel - and I hope durability!

HB certainly gained some painting skills with this bathroom makeover. Normally I’d be the one painting, but due to pregnancy, HB had to take over. He first painted the light-blue walls to white. Then the vanity cabinets after the new top was installed. My painter had recommended Behr’s Polyurethane paint for cabinet paint before, so that’s what we ended up using. I’m thrilled with the results! Pictures can’t capture the gorgeous shade of deep blue that I can see in person.

bathroom art shower head | art

As a finishing touch, I painted some art to hang above the toilet. It also took me a while to decide on the subject matter and colors. But I think the final piece beautifully ties in the colors from the shower curtain. The painting was inspired by this one here.

I’m so thrilled with the bathroom makeover. It was all achieved on a budget where we didn’t have to demo or replace anything but the vanity top. Have you done a budget reno? How did it turn out?

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