Nursery Room Reveal

25 September 2022

kids room

I’ve shown a little preview of this room on Instagram, but after a few more furnishings, it now feels complete!

nursery chair glider | side table | throw blanket | macrame hangers

Remember how it looked before?

nursery before picture The original listing photo

And how I envisioned it:

nursery mood board mood board blog post

It came together just as how I imagined it. When baby gets a little older, he’ll have access to the toy/book shelf on his own.

window view diaper pail | gold curtains | constellation rug

dresser view changing pad cover | mini fridge | bottle warmer

I especially love the colors of the room! I wanted it to be bright, happy, and gender-neutral. The color scheme was inspired by the whimsical bedding.

floor bed bassinet | baby monitor | reading pillow | whale rug | bunkie board

I want this room to be a “yes space” for our kid, meaning everything in here will be baby-proofed and safe for him to explore once he becomes mobile. That’s why we have a floor bed and not a crib. He’ll eventually have the freedom to get out of bed and play independently before we come get him (or at least that’s the hope :pray:). Until baby outgrows his bassinet, WE will use the bed!

vertical dresser view

It’s such a fun, happy little space. I love the stuffies amassed from my own collection over the years, as well as the crochet cacti that I made for him. He better know that this room was a labor of love from his mama!

I’m sure the space will evolve as we figure out the best way to use it once the baby is actually here. Right now I imagine sharing the space with him in those early months. But who knows, babies are notorious for throwing your plans out the window!

P.S. You can also shop the nursery on Amazon. I will get a small commission if you make a purchase through these links at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

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