What Home Renovations are Left

19 September 2022


We’ve done a lot since moving into our home last May. A lot of renovations gave the house a nice facelift, but we also had to do a few that were absolutely necessary (looking at you, termite-control and broken water heater). Here’s a list of everything we’ve done so far that has made a tremendous difference:

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Even with all that done, I still have a list of stuff that I want to change/update:

  • Add a wet bar to the media room nook. The plumbing for it already exists and you can see what it looks like in this post.
  • Redo our master bathroom. It’s old and the shower is broken/kind of gross. It’s long overdue for an update!
  • Grow more trees and plants in our backyard. I talk about this in my backyard mood board post
  • Redo our laundry room. This room especially dates the house. The floors are still black and white checkered laminate (what are we, in the 60’s?) and the utility sink has seen better days.
  • Get rid of window valence boxes in our kitchen. These things date our kitchen like no other. They were also painted a weird color. I want them gone!
  • Swap out fluorescent tube lights everywhere for modern light fixtures. These still exist in our laundry room, kitchen, and closet.
  • Clean up our side yard and lay down pathing. I want to get rid of all the overrun weeds and lay down some stone pathing so that I can put a storage shed out here to hold all my garden/seasonal stuff.
  • Paint our guest room bathroom cabinets. I have a color theme that’s partially executed with some cute peach-themed decor but it won’t be complete until the cabinets are painted some shade of pink!
  • Re-wallpaper our powder room. I know, I know, didn’t I do that already? Yes. I did. And I made a huge mistake. I didn’t listen to the pros and now I’m paying for it twice over. I’ll talk about this wallpaper saga in another post!
  • Island fume hood in the kitchen. We fry things a lot and having a downdraft fume hood is just not enough. Been trying to figure out the logistics of how to install a fume hood above our kitchen island’s stove…if you know who/how to do this, please share!

kitchen window valences You can see those window valences here

guest bathroom A peachy-themed guest bathroom

The problem with being a perfectionist is that I’m super-attuned to problems. Most of the time I only see “things that still need to be fixed.” I’ve come to accept that these house projects and to-dos are going to have to be put on hold after the arrival of our kid. I am still hopeful though, that we can knock out some of these “smaller” projects (I bet HB doesn’t think that lol) out of the way even with a young child. My dream is to finish all of my home reno’s ASAP so that I can enjoy a home that I’m 100% in love with together with my family! Until then, I constantly have to remind myself to enjoy the home that I currently have. There’s no need for my home to be “done” before I can enjoy it!

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