My Biorb Aquarium Setup & Supplies

06 April 2021

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At last, everything has arrived! I was so excited for all my parts to arrive and then to put everything together. It is indeed just as beautiful as I had imagined. I am in love with the overall look! If you’re curious, below is a final list of all supplies that I got to set up my Biorb aquarium. Some are the same items from a previous post, How Much Will Fishkeeping Cost?, but some are also different based on my additional research.

Biorb Tank

Tank and accessories

  1. Biorb LIFE 8gal Clear Tank, which also comes with:
    • rocks
    • filter
    • air pump + transformer
    • water conditioner
    • biological bacteria
    • light
  2. Biorb easy plant set - Pink Ocean, which contains:
    • ornament that covers the bubble tube
    • 3 tall plants
    • 2 small plants
    • 3 seashells
    • 3 starfish
  3. 50W tank heater, which also came with a thermometer

Cleaning supplies

  1. Top Fin aquarium gravel vacuum
  2. Tetra water conditioner
  3. API freshwater master test kit
  4. Imagitarium Acrylic Aquarium Scraper
  5. 5 gal bucket


  1. Ocean Nutrition beta pellets
  2. Pink orchid betta from Petco

Pink Orchid Betta My lil guy the day I brought him home!

I look forward to seeing the colors on my fish spread and turn more vibrant with time. Apparently the stress of being shipped and moved mutes their colors. We’ll see how he looks again in 2 weeks! It was so difficult to choose between all the pretty bettas that were at the store, but this guy’s pink coloring won me over! I knew it’d look fantastic in my tank. What should I name him?

Keep in mind that this was the bare minimum that I needed for my first, brand-new aquarium. My goal was to have a simple, easy-to-maintain setup and this was it. I’m sure enthusiasts spend a lot more on this hobby! Some of those planted tanks I’ve seen on Reddit are wild. The betta fish subreddit was also super inspirational/informative as I was waiting for my tank to cycle. What is your aquarium setup like? What fish do you keep?

P.S. I will get a small commission if you make a purchase through some of these links at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

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