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Favorite Easy Art Youtube Channels

I dip my toe into drawing or painting maybe once a year. During Christmas, I paint people cards, and that seems to be the only time I paint during the year now! I would like to get in the habit of making art more frequently. But I also don’t want to be intimidated by beautiful yet ambitious art projects. Therefore, I’ve been searching for some easy art doodles or paintings I can do in less than 30 minutes - 1 hr. Here are some of my favorite Youtube Channels for making easy art:

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Miller's Garden Miniature Dollhouse

At the beginning of the pandemic in March last year, I knew that I’d have to break my boredom at home with some sort of activity. I had made a miniature dollhouse from a kit that I brought home from Japan before. It certainly took up a lot of time but was also fun to make. As a result, I thought I’d try this activity again while holed up at home. Little did I know that the project would end up taking me over a year to finish! :weary:

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Starting to Crochet a Waffle Scarf

One late night while browsing my favorite fashion blogs, I came across this picture of a blogger wearing a cute knit black scarf:

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