Starting to Crochet a Waffle Scarf

10 March 2021

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One late night while browsing my favorite fashion blogs, I came across this picture of a blogger wearing a cute knit black scarf:

Black scarf outfit via Fashion Jackson

I thought about purchasing it, but…I could make that! I’m good at being ambitious and taking on unnecessary DIY’s. If I can make it, I will. In the past I had successfully made a basket-weave scarf (which ended up being too long, but lesson learned). And it has been a while since I had crocheted something, so why not?

I started browsing Youtube for inspiration. In the end, I followed this video for the basic materials and pattern:

I followed her pattern where the scarf is 5 waffle squares wide.

And this one for learning the actual waffle knit stitch, as the video lighting and quality were better:

Based on her instructions, the number of stitches to chain is:

3(NUMBER_OF_SQUARES) + 4 = total stitches

So for my project, it turned out to be: 3(5) + 4 = 19 stitches

The width of this scarf turned out to be around 5-6in wide.

Of course, while going down the Youtube rabbit hole, I also found these amazing ladies who crocheted their own sweaters!

Like HOW amazing is that? Of course I thought about trying it out. But I’m very good at starting a project and never finishing it :weary: So let’s just start with a simple scarf, shall we?

I spent a Saturday binge-watching Next in Fashion and crocheting my scarf. So far, it’s about a foot and a half long! By the time I finish it, it’ll probably be ready to wear the next winter, lol. Now I have something to do with my hands while talking on the phone or watching TV.

I will report back on the finished scarf once it’s done! Honestly, this post is to keep me accountable so that I don’t forget or give up on the project. Help keep me honest!

What sorts of things have you made lately?

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