Miller's Garden Miniature Dollhouse

19 May 2021

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At the beginning of the pandemic in March last year, I knew that I’d have to break my boredom at home with some sort of activity. I had made a miniature dollhouse from a kit that I brought home from Japan before. It certainly took up a lot of time but was also fun to make. As a result, I thought I’d try this activity again while holed up at home. Little did I know that the project would end up taking me over a year to finish! :weary:

completed miller's garden Alas, it is DONE!

Part of it was my fault. I spent hours on it in the very beginning. I was on a roll. Then left it NEARLY finished for months on end. There were only a few more items left to complete/assemble. But I had no motivation to complete it. Finally, after we found out we were going to move, I picked my lazy ass up and glued on the last 10 leaves. It is so ridiculous how I start a billion projects, lose interest, and leave them half-baked. I REALLY need to just finish a project before moving on to the next! Can anyone else relate?

Anyway, this is the kit that I got.

Miller's Garden kit RoLife Miller’s Garden

As you can see, all I had to start with is just a bunch of paper and cardboard. You literally have to craft every little item yourself! Technically, they give you everything you need. In addition, I used some of my own glue, wire cutters and needle nose pliers.

Every little item was hand crafted. The most time-consuming steps were creating paper flowers and cutting out/gluing the vine leaves. But working on these activities was a great de-stresser for me during a very stressful time. Many hours were spent listening to podcasts while working on this project! Since it was right at the beginning of the pandemic, I needed something light and fun to listen to. A Beautiful Mess podcast and The Happiness Lab kept me company on many nights.

white bench

curtains Making curtains

curtains on windows One window done

leaves The damn leaves!

jars These jars were some of my favorite items to make!

After you make every single little item, you also have to assemble it all! This is also where I kind of almost gave up, because it was confusing what goes where. I tried my best to replicate the photos then made some up along the way.

gutter That blue lamp actually works! It turned on for like, 5 seconds after I assembled it. But the welding was so fragile that it fell apart. So I’m leaving it disassembled for now.

garden The cutest little garden seating!

work bench I loved making then assembling the work bench

view from the top View from the top

miller's garden mini dollhouse Finished!

I’m pretty happy and proud with the way the dollhouse turned out. I’ll definitely have to find a place special to display it in our new home! It already looks fantastic surrounded by real plants! Get the kit on Amazon.

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