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17 May 2021

bedroom first home

Welcome to the jungle (bed) room! Our bedroom has evolved quite a bit since the beginning when we moved in. However, I always envisioned it to be calming/relaxing and it has definitely served us well.

master bedroom

You may notice that the style of this room is a bit different from the rest of the home. While all of our other rooms have furniture with clean lines - going for that mid-century look - our bedroom is the opposite. It’s all curves and ornate details, more of a French country look. I don’t know why, but I wanted my bedroom to feel glamorous! I even wanted to replace our ceiling fan with a chandelier but practical HB talked me out of it. Our bedroom feels like a modern Marie Antoinette, if that even makes sense.

headboard headboard | blanket | macrame

Let’s talk about that headboard! It was the hero piece that I originally wanted for our room. In the beginning, HB didn’t think a headboard was necessary, but I think I’ve since convinced him. It’s super comfy to lean on and the perfect shade of blue. I love it! Last summer I also added that shelf above the headboard to make more room for plants. Some of them are due for a trim!

Jessica's dresser sunburst mirror | sheepskin rug

HB's dresser landscape photo

Our dressers and nightstands are vintage finds that I painted. I was worried that I might get tired of these colorful piece over time, but I still haven’t tired of them yet! I purposely chose calming shades of blues and greens with my beloved blush pink thrown in.

plants near window curtains

This room is south-facing so it receives excellent sunlight all throughout the day. Once I realized the glorious light it gets, I lined all my light-loving green girls along those windows. For example, after moving my bird of paradise from a dark corner to in front of the windows, they’ve been throwing out leaf after leaf! My philodendron rojo congo is going strong too, even growing new leaves over the winter. Learn from my mistakes and give your plants enough light!!!

plant corner


I talked about this mirror in my March Sparks Joy post and it is still sparking joy! Honestly, for the price and function I should’ve just gotten it sooner.

Our bedroom in our new home will probably look pretty similar. I don’t expect to do any redecorating since it’s so costly and I’d rather spend my creative juices on other rooms that actually need to be designed (see all my mood boards here). Maybe the only thing I’d want to add is a bench at the foot of the bed (yay or nay?). As a result, this will be the first room I can realistically “finish” so that we can feel a little more at home.

What brings you relaxation and calms you down?

Dobby on bed

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