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03 May 2021

media room first home

One of my favorite rooms in our home is the game/media room. It’s fun, colorful, and comfortable. We certainly spend a lot of time in here, and especially during this last year…it provided us a good amount of entertainment while we were stuck at home. Come on in; I’m excited to share our different interests/hobbies that can be seen throughout this room!

game room

Plants, plants, and more plants

game room view marble coffee table

Last summer, plants infiltrated our entire home! I went through a plant craze, and as a result, had to add more ways to grow/display them around the home. As you can see, they’ve taken up every inch of windowsill, so I added a couple of shelves to the wall. It was a simple DIY consisting of wood and brackets that I then spray-painted gold. I LOVE the additional space to display MORE plants! Since the windows are east-facing and next to a building, there’s not enough light coming in throughout the day. So I added self-timer grow lamps to each shelf. The plants are loving all that light.

plant shelves grow lights

Another one of my favorite pieces in here is the Ikea greenhouse cabinet, which houses my humidity-loving, smaller plants! It’s around 70% humidity inside the cabinet during the spring/summer. The only downside to my set-up is I sometimes forget to open the door to let in new air-flow, which causes some mold growth. I’m just going to have to remember to incorporate that into my morning routine in the future…

Ikea greenhouse cabinet led grow light strips | Ikea Detolf glass cabinet

Entertainment center

entertainment center

I had mentioned in my April Sparks Joy post that we upgraded our TV to this big boy and I am LOVING it! My favorite evenings are ones where we can sit back, relax, and enjoy a show/movie under the glow of our Christmas lights. The TV’s “smart” remote easily navigates to my favorite apps, so now I also watch a good amount of YouTube on the big screen. I’ve become a huuuge YT consumer after learning how to listen to videos on 2x speed with captions on! :laughing: This could be either a good or bad thing…

Board Games

board games

It’s kind of hard to miss our giant collection of board games… I had started collecting them after graduating from college, and lucky me, HB is into this hobby too. You can read more about this topic under the board game tag. Everyone seems to use these Ikea Kallax shelves to store their games, and I will say, it is probably the best/most economical solution. Additionally, I got these shelves thinking that they could eventually double as kids’ toy storage. They’re a kid-friendly height, and I love all the separated cubbies to display Montessori-style toys! :grinning:

game room wall tapestry

I had intentionally designed this room as a play room with kids in mind. Hence, the bright, fun, colors. Good news is, a lot of the furniture and decor will translate into our new home’s play room. I can’t wait to share my ideas/mood board for that future play room, so stay tuned!

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