Sparks Joy | April 2021

30 April 2021

sparks joy

Sparks Joy is a monthly roundup of people, experiences, or things that brought joy or value for me during this time. It’s like practicing gratitude, but I can geek about them here online with other people!

April 2021 Sparks Joy

A Really Big TV

TV Get it

Call us crazy, but right after we got back from our national parks trip, we ordered ourselves a nice, big, 86” TV. We had been getting hand-me-downs from our families up until this point. Over the last year, we realized that BOY do we watch/use the TV a lot. So it was time for an upgrade, and I couldn’t be happier. It was definitely tricky mounting the 100 pound beast onto the wall. But now I can see all my captions at like, 70pt font! :smile: I’ve been enjoying it a lot, watching lots of TV and movies and playing games on it this month.

My new betta fish

betta fish

My fish was really shy the first few days I got him. He only hung around the back of the tank and I always had trouble finding him! After a week or so, he got used to my presence and will come out and swim near me when I’m at my desk. It is such a joy to watch him when I need a break from staring at my computer! I’ll definitely share my full desk setup soon. In the meantime, here’s more information about my tank. P.S. He still needs a name! HB suggested Salmonella. :unamused:

Dreaming about our new home

living room mood board

In case you missed the big announcement, We Are Moving! Ever since our dream became a reality, my mind has gone into overdrive daydreaming and imagining how I want to decorate this new space. I have been having a blast creating mood boards so that I can give my brain (and HB’s ears) a relief, lol. Sometimes it’s fun to dream even if it might not turn into anything concrete. It’s part of the creative process!

Playing Spiritfarer


I had talked about this game in detail in this post, but I have really been enjoying playing Spiritfarer. The more I play, the more “stuff” I feel like I have to do! Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming and when that happens then I just give myself a break. And remember that I don’t have to do everything; it’s a game for heaven’s sake! Otherwise, it has been a fun way to wind down at the end of the day.

New Sandals!

Steve Madden HAWTHORNE SANDAL Get it

Kiiind of an impulse buy, but I saw these slides at DSW and decided to try them on. I saw a bunch of my favorite fashion bloggers wearing shoes similar to these. So I was influenced! I am actually not a huge fan of slides - I like to wear strappy sandals because they feel more secure on my feet. However, these looked surprisingly good on me, fit well, and were made of real leather. I can’t wait to wear them with some comfortable, casual outfits this summer!

Playing board games with friends

Terraforming Mars wood boards Wishlist item!

HB and I had a great time playing board games with friends again. We replayed an oldie but goodie - Terraforming Mars using our friend Eric’s upgraded wooden player boards and expansions! Man, after playing on those nice wooden boards I am so tempted to upgrade our own. It was our first time playing board games, in person, with people outside of our family in over a year! We’re both looking forward to getting our second vaccination soon so that we can see more people and do more things.

What sparked joy for you this month?

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