Sparks Joy | June 2021

30 June 2021

sparks joy

We have finally moved into our new home and this month was all about buying furniture and home goods! Here’s what I picked up that Sparked Joy for me this month:

June 2021 Sparks Joy

Electric candle lighter

I had no idea this was a thing until I saw bloggers using and recommending them. Since they’re pretty cheap, I bought one to try. To my satisfaction, it is extremely easy to use and works! I will find any excuse to light a candle now.

Electric candle lighter Get on Amazon

Emerald velvet curtains

I am so happy with the quality of these gorgeous emerald velvet curtains I got for my office. They are heavy, lined, and black-out. I know that quality curtains can be really expensive, but these were very reasonably priced on Amazon. Could not believe how good they are! I am now going to get some from this brand for every room of our house!

HPD Half Price Drapes VPYC Heritage Plush Velvet CurtainHPD Half Price Drapes VPYC Heritage Plush Velvet Curtain Get on Amazon

Outlet shelf

This was another one of those things I didn’t know I needed, but after getting one, has improved my quality of life. I installed one in my bathroom, set my Echo on it, and now I can hear my music loud and clear when I shower. Love it!

ECHOGEAR Outlet Shel Get on Amazon

Wooden monitor stand

The reason why I got this monitor stand was to hide my unsightly keyboard and mouse cords. Plus, I can stash random notepads and trinkets in the little pull-out drawers. It was surprisingly good quality, joined with dove-tailed joints and made of solid wood. It can even hold up my gigantic/heavy 34” monitor without bowing!

Kirigen Wood Monitor Stand with 2 Drawers Get on Amazon

Headphone stand

Ok this seems like an extremely extra purchase, but I realized I needed one after working from home this last year. My headphones were always thrown on the desk without a proper place to hang or store it. After finding this GORGEOUS head phone stand, I knew it would fit my desk aesthetic! Not only does it look good, but it is also sturdy and doesn’t tip.

Avantree Universal Wooden & Aluminum Headphone Stand Hanger Get on Amazon

Ikea Feather Pillows

Ikea Fjadrar Duck Insert Inner 20 X 20" Cushion Get on Amazon

Guys, these are SO GOOD. I didn’t know about feather-filled throw pillows until I started watching Youtube designers. THESE are the goodies that we should all be investing in. I paired them with these pillow covers and together, they are chef’s kiss. They feel good and look good!

It’s been crazy this month moving in and getting our house in order. Plus, I had to start going back to the office, so it was changes all around. We had to deal with several misshaps including a kitchen flood…but we’re a bit more settled now and look forward to inviting friends and family over to our new home!

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