28th Birthday!

25 July 2021


Wednesday was my 28th birthday! I want to start documenting what my birthdays look like, since my memory is really bad, and I want to look back on these mems of how I spent my time with loved ones. If possible, I try to take my bday off every year to give myself a day of self care. So here’s what I did in 2021:

  1. Went to Costco

    LOL yes I actually did this first thing in the morning! I needed to pick up a few items for my bday gathering, but most of all, I needed gas. Is this what growing older looks like?

  2. Brought home Fatni BBQ for lunch with HB and my dad

    I secretly love living closer to our parents. It means they can come over within five minutes and spend lunch with us! As a teenager, I probably would’ve never imagined that this would be a highlight. Now, I like they are close, but we still have our own space…

    Anyway, favorite things to get from Fatni:

    • Lamb sticks
    • Wheat starch noodle
    • Egg wheat starch noodle
  3. Went to Homegoods

    Ah yes, Homegoods, my happy place! Unfortunately, there were a gazillion people there the day I went. I ended up spending way more time there than I intended by waiting in line. Bleh. I probably should’ve just stayed home to complete this Lego Bonsai Tree that HB got me, which I built the next day:

    Lego bonsai

  4. Dinner at Kyodai with HB

    dinner with HB

    Kyodai has become one of my favorite sushi places. It’s a little bit expensive, but they use amazing/fresh ingredients and have some really unique dishes. Case in point, this smoked toro/uni/caviar dish:

    smoked toro It was so delectably umami. Melted instantly in my mouth!

  5. Cap it off with a boba! with boba

    With Boba Latte next door, how could we not get one?! HB and I shared this strawberry mint guava drink that was sweet as hell but very, very good. Also, I loved my outfit and wanted to remember it forever :P

  6. Painted my nails while watching 30 Rock

    We wrapped up the night by watching 30 Rock while I gave myself a gel manicure. I was super excited to try out an at-home manicure kit (that arrived just in time on my bday)! The Beetles gel manicure kit was the one that I got. It took some trial and error that first time. I’ll post a review of my experience with the kit soon! UPDATE: see review here!

gel manicure

The birthday festivities continued with a small gathering of friends on Saturday. We ate cheese, drank wine, and caught up after this anti-social year. It was just what I wanted!

cheese board

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