Texas Tulips

07 March 2021


Out in Pilot Point, Texas is a tulip field called Texas Tulips where you get to pick your own tulips. Today, the weather was beautiful, which made it the perfect day to go!

Texas Tulips field

Pink and white tulips

It seemed like many people had the same idea. We, too, seized the opportunity to go with a couple friends. There were a LOT of people there, so I’m not sure how “covid-safe” it really was. But it was also opening weekend, so I’m sure that drew in the crowds.

Tulips with friends

Man, it is so refreshing to see friends. We treasure every chance we get to see people now. Never again will we take our friends for granted! :sweat_smile: I read an article on Cup of Jo the other day about how you lose the opportunity to see your spouse through others’ perspectives when it’s just the two of you. It’s kinda true…since I already know the basics about my hubs I don’t often ask him detailed probing questions (like about work). But being in the company of other people lets me learn new things about him when I hear him answering our friends’ questions. I am one proud wife!

Me and HB

Another result of this pandemic is any opportunity to go anywhere means FASHION SHOW (“fashion show, fashion show at lunch”)! Ever since I took on the project of elevating my wardrobe, I have been excited to put together some BOMB outfits no matter where I go. So here we are:


I cannot wait to continue styling that fuschia skirt. Hot pink is NOT a common color in my wardrobe, but now that I collected some neutral pieces, I think I can easily create more outfits. I’m also experimenting with making my pieces work for multiple seasons. I think pleated skirts like this are so versatile because I can wear them in the spring/summer with a pair of flats but also layer it up in the fall/winter with leggings and boots.

Also, that fantastic coat was an impulse buy from Amsterdam in 2015. It was a chilly summer day, so I popped into the nearest department store I could find to buy a jacket. I was so pleased to have found such a cute piece on a whim! But looking at it closer made me realize that I need to take better care of my clothes/things. I want to keep my clothes in great shape so that they look new with every wear. If you have any tips on how to keep clothes looking new/good, please do tell!

Tulip basket Our friend’s haul

If you do choose to pick tulips, each one is $2.50. But be careful not to pull out the entire bulb!

Red tulips

Have you been tulip-picking before? What other outdoor, covid-safe activities have you been enjoying?

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