Redefining My Style with The Curated Closet

05 March 2021

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Throughout this last year while stuck at home quarantining in the middle of a global pandemic, I learned to keep myself busy/entertained with many interests. One of these projects is redefining and figuring out my personal style with the guidance of The Curated Closet.

The Curated Closet Book

I first heard about this book through A Beautiful Mess (one of my favorite blogs!). The idea of a “uniform” and knowing how to put together a fabulous outfit with only a few core pieces really appealed to me. I have a closet full of clothes but can barely mix and match them because everything is patterned. I wanted to elevate my look to be chic and comfortable even while working from home.

So far, my style had evolved from Aeropostale logo t-shirts in middle school, to exclusively patterns & prints throughout college, and finally…a weird mix of work-appropriate patterns with a few solids thrown in. I can say up until sophomore year of college, my “style” was a bit cringe-worthy with a LOT of graphic tees and kawaii pieces. And because I had no idea how to incorporate basics into my closet (because it sounded so boring), every top and dress I bought was a print! I relied on prints to create interest in my outfits. I never had the time or desire to thoroughly think about what looked good on me or how I wanted to dress. Well now that I’m stuck at home I got plenty of time!

Trying to rehaul my closet during a pandemic is certainly an unconventional choice. Obviously, there’s not many places I can wear my new outfits to and shopping for clothes in stores is a challenge. The method that the book calls for is to dissect what looks good on you and on your style icons, then go to stores to try a BUNCH of different styles before ever making a purchase. When all other stores closed their fitting rooms during this pandemic, Nordstrom kept theirs open. Hat’s off to you, Nordstrom.

Of course, I Pinterested like crazy to figure out what I admired first.

Holy heck, I learned that I liked neutrals! And this is coming from a girl who exclusively wore prints.

In summary, this is what I concluded based on my extensive research…

My Ideal Style

What is the overall feeling of this style? Casual and feminine but tailored/well fitted

What are the most important individual pieces?

  • Black pants or leggings
  • Knee high black boots
  • V-neck tee
  • Turtleneck sweaters
  • A-line skirts or dresses
  • Drapey cardigan
  • Moto jacket

What are the most important colors?

  • Deep reds
  • Black and white
  • Camel
  • Blush pink
  • Yellow ochre

What are the most important silhouettes, cuts, and fits?

  • Hour-glass shape - show off waistline
  • Chunky tops + slim or fitted bottoms

Are there any styling tricks that are essential to this style?

  • Tuck in shirt ALWAYS
  • Create layers with knits

Having seen this research laid out before me, I realized that my current wardrobe is VERY different from my ideal style. For one, I had almost no solid pieces in the colors that I liked. Turns out I had one too many statement pieces and not enough basics! Secondly, I learned that basic does not equal boring. In fact, most of the outfits I liked were composed of basic pieces but mixed and matched to create a sophisticated outfit. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I learned that it’s all about the silhouette. I saw that in every single outfit I liked, the stylist defined their waist to give them that hourglass shape. When I saw this, I realized that I’ve been styling myself like a cereal box my entire adult life! My boxy shirts, long tunics, and low-rise jeans were the complete opposite of the cropped tops and high-rise jeans these stylish women wore. Mom jeans are back, baby!

This is probably the best website that I found that explains how to create an hourglass silhouette:

How to dress an hourglass silhouette The Concept Wardrobe

I am so excited by these findings that I had to share it with the world! Maybe you already have impeccable style and knew these things, but I am here to enlighten the likes of me. Join me in my style evolution, as more posts about this topic are sure to come!

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How has your style evolved throughout the years? Have you learned any ground-breaking styling tricks along the way?

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