Weekly Outfits | March 28, 2021

28 March 2021


Weekly Outfits is a round-up of my favorite outfits of the past week.

3/22 weekly outfit

I found out that HB likes my light-colored jean outfits! I thought that I channeled Meghan Markle in my 4th outfit, where I paired the light jeans with a white button-down as she did here.

Meghan Markle Love her!

Also let’s talk about my Schrute Farms shirt (last pic). I got it last summer and wore it so much, and I am going to do it again this year! It’s seriously one of my favorite T’s. I stopped wearing graphic T’s post-college for a while (trying to elevate my look), but 2020 reminded me of just how comfy they are, so I bought a ton of them. You’ll see more of them this season, I’m sure!

Schrute farms graphic tee Get it here

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