My Favorite Online Clothing Stores

17 March 2021


It’s finally time to go shopping! Hopefully by now, you’ve made a detailed shopping list and know exactly what you’re looking for. Thanks to this pandemic, I had to buy most of my new wardrobe online. It’s kind of awesome but also kind of stressful because the possibilities are endless! I narrowed down my choices by selecting new pieces from the following stores. They are my tried and true favorites!


This was a surprise. I never thought I’d end up liking Express so much. I used to think it was only good for club-wear and fancy work clothes. As it turns out, it’s my go-to for stylish basics - meaning basics with a bit of flair to them.

What to get: basic neutral-colored sweaters, cami tops, fancier short-sleeves, trendy blazers

Once they start selling summer clothes, I’ll be on the lookout for high-waisted shorts here!

Gap and Old Navy

I lump these guys together because they’re under the same corp anyway. They’re my go-to places to find the most basic of basics.

What to get: basic cotton t-shirts, simple leather belts, jean jackets, basic button-downs, jeans


Another surprise retailer. I had only been to one Mango store before in New York then walked out unimpressed. But I gave it a second chance when a number of fashion bloggers recommended a camel coat from there. As I perused the rest of their collection, I found more and more things I liked. They offer a lot of trendy pieces that can still be timeless enough to re-wear season after season.

What to get: sweaters and sweaterdresses with extra flair, outerwear


Saving the best for last! Costco has been my go-to place for all things comfort wear in 2020. They had so many great comfortable pieces at wonderful prices!

What to get: joggers + sweatshirts, undergarments, leggings, basic long-sleeves


Other online retailers that I keep an eye on are J Crew, Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Banana Republic. These guys are either a hit or miss, depending on what I am looking for.

When shopping online for clothes, it’s important to find stores that have a good return policy. Many of these places offer free shipping and a 60-day return window because of covid. I try to nail my size + fit based on TrueFit and online reviews, but that doesn’t always work out. I have had to take advantage of generous return policies several times! I learned that it’s important to ZOOM IN on the pictures, read reviews, and read the product description, otherwise you may not get what you expected.

Where are your favorite places to shop online?

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