Weekly Outfits | April 11, 2021

11 April 2021


Weekly Outfits is a round-up of my favorite outfits of the past week.

3/15 weekly outfit

Most excited to wear my souvenir t-shirt (first pic) that I got at Zion National Park the day I got back! See more details about that trip here.

Zion t-shirt

I randomly saw this t-shirt at Hoodoos Market one night. The next day I walked around all of Springdale trying to see if there’s anything better. And there wasn’t!

Spring/summer means it’s jean jacket season. Both my classic and white jean jackets made an appearance this week. They have served me for YEARS and I’m a little bit worried about what to do once they go threadbare! Do I sew a patch? Get a new one? What have you done with old clothes that you’ve LOVED but have been worn out?

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