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NZXT H510 Elite PC Build

Last summer during the height of the pandemic, I decided to upgrade my entire office setup since it looked like I’d be working from home for a while. One of those things was my computer, which used to be a 2013 Macbook Pro. It was definitely due for an upgrade! I looked into getting an iMac, which I actually did - then promptly returned it after finding out it wouldn’t be able to double as a second monitor (seriously, who at Apple made that stupid decision?!). My setup needed to switch seamlessly between work and personal use. As a result, after much research (and YouTube videos), I decided to build my own PC for the same price I’d pay for an iMac, only better.

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New Blog Created with Github Pages and Jekyll

Ever since I learned about creating static sites, I dropped dynamic ones like a hot potato. Goodbye clunky old CMS, hello Github Pages.

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