Powder Room Mood Board

27 July 2021

mood boards bathroom

I have been spending a lot of time working on our home. Up until now, it’s mostly fixing things up and adding decor. But the powder room will be the first room to undergo renovation! I’ve been thinking about it a lot but am paralyzed with indecision. To help me with my vision, I put together a good old mood board!

Powder Room - Before

toilet - before

vanity - before

We took down a bunch of towel racks, hooks, and other brown/rusty hardware from the bathroom before taking these photos. It was just too much, so now I feel like I’m starting with more of a “blank” canvas. Everything is boring white and builder-grade, so my idea is to add some more color and pattern into the room!

Powder Room Mood Board

white wallpaper

black wallpaper

I love the idea of wallpaper in this room. It’s the perfect room to introduce a bit of pattern and whimsy! But I’m struggling to settle on a single design. I can’t tell if I want a black background, or the opposite. The bathroom has no windows, so it’ll never look “bright and airy.” That’s why I’m considering going all dark. What do you think?

Since I want to renovate this bathroom on a budget, I’m keeping as much as I can. The biggest dents into my budget will be updating the vanity top from laminate to quartz and to install wallpaper. Everything else should be pretty small in comparison: paint the vanity cabinets black and swap out hardware & faucets. I want to keep the tile for now since it’s not horrible. Can’t wait to see how everything will tie together after my bathroom makeover!

Help a sister out! Which wallpaper should I choose - black or white??

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