Best Essential Oils For A Diffuser

28 September 2021

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Shortly after moving into our new home, I bought a diffuser. I wanted to try using a diffuser because I hoped that the scents would permeate and last longer than burning a candle. A diffuser’s smaller footprint also appealed to me - rather than buying candles that take up space, all I’d need is another small bottle of essential oil.

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Of course, I needed essential oils to diffuse. I went onto Amazon and bought the #1 best selling oils from the brand Laguna Moon. When it arrived, I excitedly dropped some oil into the diffuser and…after 10 minutes, couldn’t smell anything. The scent was gone! I experimented with different amounts of oil - even adding up to 15 drops at once - but the scent was still gone after a few minutes. I became so disappointed in diffusers. What was the big deal? They didn’t work!

Lagunamoon essential oils Do NOT get these! They were cheap and not long-lasting!

Little did I know, the reason why the scents didn’t last long is because I bought a cheap set of essential oils. Even though they were marked as “pure,” there’s no telling exactly how pure they are. There can be any percentage of oils inside that bottle mixed with a carrier (non-scented) oil. This is the price of buying cheap oils!

After doing some more research, I saw good reviews for another brand’s oils, ESSLUX. I immediately bought a set, and after trying it out, was super impressed with just how much better they were. Turns out not all essential oils are created equal! What I want is therapeutic grade oils, which the ESSLUX ones are.

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For one, the scent was much stronger. The Laguna Moon oils’ scent was gone after 10 minutes; not so for these. As long as the diffuser is going, you’ll be able to smell the oils. Mine (on auto mode) lasts for hours. I put 8 drops of oil into 250 ml of water, and the smell is pretty strong. Not overwhelming, but I even can smell it from outside the room. For the other oils, I had to stick my nose right up to the diffuser to smell anything!

Now this is what I am talking about! I’m excited to try out other scents and mix my own. I’m tempted to buy the other sets that this brand offers:

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I, however, don’t know what most of these smell like, so I don’t want to buy only to find out I don’t like them. I was pretty confident that I’d like the floral scents (who doesn’t?!), and I was right. They all smell so beautiful and add a nice, airy smell to the room.

I’m also interested in finding other ways to use up the crappy, cheap oils instead of diffusing them. I know that people use them for “medicinal” or “health” benefits, but I don’t really believe that. If you have creative ways of using essential oils, do share!

Now that I found a great set of affordable oils, I want to diffuse oils in my entire home. I a diffuser in every room, haha! I may just get a couple more of the 100 ml versions of the diffuser that I have. It looks clean and modern, and the neutral color and can easily work with any decor style. Do you diffuse essential oils in your home? Which oils do you use?

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