We Are Moving!

24 April 2021

first home

I still can’t believe I’m saying this, but yes, we are moving! HB and I have been house-hunting since last November. It has been quite the journey. It was stressful, anxiety-inducing, exciting, frustrating, sad, and insert any other emotion here. In fact, we were under contract for another home back in February, but it didn’t work out. So the entire heart-breaking process began yet again. Ironically, this home that we’re now under contract for has the exact same layout as the other one that we backed out of. What can I say, we like what we like, and God is so good to provide us a second chance!

new house Our house to-be!

Why we are moving

This last year of quarantine and social-distancing really made me reevaluate life priorities. We may not always have the ability to travel or go out, but we will always have family. Our family was our social circle this last year and it was (surprisingly) awesome. It was wonderful getting to see our parents practically every weekend. We also spent precious time playing Clank! with our brothers over the summer before they started college in the fall. It made me realize that family is super important to me. So it shifted some priorities…I wanted to expand our family! I’ve always wanted kids; it was just a matter of when. And so we’re moving into a home with more space so that we can raise a kid or two (or three???) in there until they’re grown. BONUS: we are going to be living even closer to our parents. Like, 5 minutes away close. What a blessing!

Since we are also working from home and may still be able to WFH in the future, the importance of a home office also shot up our priority list. Right now we share an “office,” a bedroom that we both work out of. Sometimes it can get a little hairy when both of us are on calls at the same time! I’m very excited that in this new home, we can each have our own office space.

Another unexpected addition to our family last year was our precious little dog. At the time of buying our current house, we didn’t think we’d have a dog any time soon, so we didn’t mind that it didn’t have a backyard. Well…we started to foster dogs and that helped us realize that having a yard would be pretty darn helpful (especially when it rains!). It wasn’t impossible to take care of dogs without a yard, but having one would be such a treat. I am so excited for Dobby to have space to run around without a leash!

Dobby Our Dobby

Where we are moving

As mentioned above, we are not moving far. We will still be in the same city, just a little closer to our work and family.

It will be bittersweet

I actually love our house that we’re living in right now. It is perfect for me, HB, and our dog. It is our first home together, where HB literally carried me over the threshold, where we laughed and made memories with friends, where we even fostered 4 dogs! Yet it is also where HB and I had tearful arguments. It’s where we sat and discussed the possibility of needing help. And now it’s where we practice those techniques learned from marriage counseling. We’ve grown a lot in this house.

first house

Since this home was also my first “adult” space, I went all out decorating to my heart’s content. I can drill holes into the wall? Get brightly colored couches? Heck yes! The possibilities were endless. Every item, decor, and picture sparks joy for me! There’s color splashed everywhere, giving off a youthful vibe. I absolutely love our home. It is happy, comfy, and cozy.

current house living room

As I say goodbye to this house, you can bet that I’ll finally get around to doing a room-by-room tour of it here on the blog! It has been nearly 4 years and though it can never be “done” since we’re always changing, it’s in a good place right now. What I’ve learned is that there is no such thing as “perfect” or “done” - just whatever works for me and HB at the moment. This home has served us so much and so well; we are eternally grateful for it.

Plans for the next house

In this next house, I’ll still keep some color around, but I think I’m leaning more towards neutrals in our open, shared spaces. Similar to how my wardrobe has evolved towards neutrals and basics, I think my taste in home decor has shifted that way too! I want the home to age well. I want it to strike a balance between “refreshing” and “timeless.”

New home color palette New home color palette

My brain has been kicking into high gear with new design and decor ideas for our next space. I don’t think I could ever stray from my love of clean lines, so my beloved mid-century modern decor is here to stay. For colors, I want to keep the primary trio that we had in our first house - pink, yellow, and blue - but tone them down a little. I don’t want them to be as “loud” or bright, so I’m playing around with softer tones. I want to mix them with my favorite neutral colors: black, white, and tan. And of course, green is thrown in, seeing how I’ve amassed a crazy plant collection this past year!

Since we want to live in this new home for a while, I might invest in some bigger changes (paint a wall?) rather than only hanging up pictures/decor. Over all, I’m going for more of a grown-up vibe (but hopefully without losing personality!).

When are we moving

It’ll still be a month or so before we actually move into the new home. I think about the long laundry list of “things to do” before we move and my head hurts. However, it’s important to us that we don’t lose sight of the “now.” We want to continue to do the things we like and spend time with each other and our friends in the midst of the moving craze. You can pray for us to not lose sight of the present and to not get overwhelmed with the future! :pray:

We are so blessed and privileged to be able to move during these crazy times. Our parents have been so incredibly supportive in this process. We can’t wait for the day when we can open up our home again to all family and friends!

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