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12 May 2021

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I am very excited to have my own office in our new home! Right now, HB and I share an office (see our Home Office Tour here). It made designing the space kind of difficult since we both have different styles and in the end it became a mish-mash of our things. In my next office, I want to be more intentional about sticking to a color palette. The best part is, since it’s just me and my stuff I can decorate it however I want! I’m letting HB lead the direction of his own office - I’m interested in seeing how that’ll turn out. :joy:

Home office inspiration This office is EVERYTHING!! Image credit

Home Office - Before

home office before

The office room is pretty small. It is connected to the bedroom, which is actually a downside for me since I would’ve liked to have more separation between the spaces where I sleep and work. I don’t want to roll out of bed and be at work. Perhaps I need to intentionally create a separation for myself! Like make a stop at the kitchen for my morning matcha shake before I “go to work…” Oh well, we work with what we’ve got!

Jessica’s Office Mood Board

home office mood board hairpin legs | green curtains | black bookcase | ladder bookshelf | sputnik chandelier | Biorb aquarium | black rolling cart | faux leather chair

I love deep, emerald green tones! I had wanted to incorporate that shade in our first home’s office but didn’t want to paint the walls. I had no luck finding a rug in that shade either. But with such a large window in the room, it was the perfect opportunity to add a touch of bold color.

My color palette is a mix of the one seen above in the inspiration photo as well as the one here:

office color palette

I want to create a calm, nature-inspired, clean space that will help me focus. I am a maximalist by nature (I love stuff!!), so I am working on paring down to achieve a minimal look. I have a feeling that the room might be too small for all the furniture I want to put in there though. What can I say, I’m a lady of many interests and with that, comes many hobby items! :laughing:

The room is south-facing, which means it’ll get a ton of light. As a result, I’m excited to turn it into my little office jungle (without it looking too crazy)! With space being limited, I think it’ll be quite the challenge to stuff all my plants in here. My hope is that I will have enough wall space to add shelves so that I have additional vertical storage. I had previously done this in our first home using track shelves:

first home office shelves

I also love this shelving configuration for a smaller space:

mid century shelves Image credit

With the limited amount of space, I will have to be creative with how I’m going to aesthetically fit/store all of my craft items and plants and office supplies. Let me know if you have any storage tips and tricks!

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