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07 May 2021

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Our new home has a three-car garage. But since there’s only two of us and two cars, that extra garage seemed pretty useless at first. Until I thought about it some more and it hit me! The space would be perfect as a home gym! HB and I have been going to our community’s shared gym during the pandemic. It would be such a luxury to be able to work out at home, which would save so much time, and I’d have NO excuse not to work out!

dream garage gym My dream garage gym! Image credit

Look at how beautiful that gym is! I couldn’t believe that it’s actually set up inside a garage. But why shouldn’t a home gym look just as beautiful and inviting as the rest of the house? I want to feel excited to go in and enjoy being in there. Because who likes to work out, and on top of that, work out in a dank, ugly room?!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any windows in the garage. It’d be the ultimate dream to have the garage door replaced to have glass like this:

glass garage door But you know, it’s just a dream…

Garage Gym Mood Board

In the meantime, we’ll work with what we’ve got. So here’s the mood board that I’ve dreamed up:

home gym mood board exercise ball | white shelves | gym flooring | woven cube shelves | geometric wallpaper

The garage itself is not big. It’s enough to fit one car - think of a long rectangle. So I’m interested in only getting the minimum equipment that we’ll actually use and need.

After I discovered how strength training helps you burn calories even when you’re not moving, I said sign me up! That’s why you don’t see cardio equipment here; I have since shifted my focus to strength training. I figure I can get some cardio in while walking my dog and perhaps jogging around the block. So with this in mind, we’ll definitely need some weights! HB would also like a squat rack.

I would like floor to ceiling mirrors to watch my form, or to dance in front of during Zumba/HIIT cardio workouts. But how feasible ($$$) that is, I’m not sure. I like how these people made it work, though, by gluing a couple of mirrors to the wall!

half garage gym Image credit

If we commit to building out a home gym, and a beautiful one at that, then I have absolutely no excuse not to use it! :grimacing: So, I’m curious, if you have workout equipment at home, how often do you use it?

Creating this mood board was a challenge because how do you turn a garage into a beautiful yet functional space so that it doesn’t still look like a garage? I haven’t seen this done very much, but below are the inspiration photos that I found that executed this flawlessly!

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