January Book Report

31 January 2022


New Year, new reading challenge! While I started off strong, my book-reading tapered off towards the end of the month. I got kiiind of absorbed in phone games, rediscovering my love for Candy Crush and finding a new obsession with Wordle. My goal next month is to read when I get the urge to game or watch Youtube!

Jan 2022 Book Report

The Girl With the Louding Voice

Rating: 3/5

This was actually my book club’s pick for the month! I gave this book only a three out of five rating because it felt a little stereotypical. It gave me the impression that all poor people of Nigeria go through these crappy experiences. It also had a predictable ending. Call me callous if you want, but I guess I wasn’t prepared or moved by a feel-good book about a poor black girl making it out of the slums.

She Who Became the Sun

Rating: 3/5

I know that everyone raved about this book. But for me, I just couldn’t get into it, especially the later acts. I loved the first part where it was set in the monastery. But as the story progressed into the war, I got really confused by all the different names and politicking. I know, shame on me for being Chinese and not remembering the Chinese names! I had to really force myself to finish the book, hence the mediocre rating.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Rating: 4/5

As I grow into more senior roles at work, I wanted to learn how to be a better team player and leader. This was definitely a good intro book into that area. It was mostly common sense with many anecdotes interspersed, but I (for the most part) agreed with what Mr. Dale Carnegie had to say. Since I listened to it in audible form, I don’t remember too many points. But one takeaway is that people value their own name, so it doesn’t hurt to address people by their name. All in all, just be a friendly person who people want to be around, and that’s the essence of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Find Layla

Rating: 3/5

Ah, teen fiction. A genre that I haven’t read in quite some time! I was instantly transported back into middle/high school when reading about the catty behavior that the school kids exhibited towards Layla. I was kind of disappointed by the ending though, where I was left wondering “is this it?” I would’ve wanted to learn more about her - where did she go? What happened? Though I really liked Layla, the ending just felt a little inconclusive which is why I rated it a 3.

The Taste of Ginger

Rating: 4/5

Well this was a surprise read! I got it for free from Amazon, not expecting too much. Even though the main character was Indian-American who travels back to India after a family tragedy, I as a Chinese American, related so much to how she felt straddling those two worlds. When she’s in America she isn’t American enough, and when in India, not Indian enough. I liked how the author explored themes of class, gender, racism, and the American Dream. I had a great time reading this and blitzed through the book.

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