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Dr. Jart, It's Skin, & First Aid Beauty TJ Maxx Haul

18 February 2022


Recently I discovered the r/MakeupAddition and r/SkincareAddition subreddits and well, it’s not been good for my wallet! I saw what people on SkincareAddition were getting at TJ Maxx, and lo and behold, there was some good stuff. It had been a while since I had been to TJ Maxx. Now that I know what to look out for, I was ready to make a trip out there again!

TJ Maxx skincare haul

Boy, did it deliver. I didn’t know about Dr. Jart+ until like, yesterday. But people online seem to really like the sheet masks. So I bought a ton:

Dr Jart+ haul

The Ceramidin products seem to work really well for people. I’m also excited to try the rubber masks - I know that HB will FREAK when he sees it on me, bahaha! Serioulsy, the cover looks like Dwight with the mannequin face. At $9 a mask, these things are not cheap. But I wanted to try them out for the first time. They will be once-a-week special pampering masks anyway. I read a good tip online: cut a corner off to make a small hole first. Use the serum for a couple of days, and then when there’s no more, use the mask!

Other goodies I got were hyaluronic acid products from It’s Skin.

It's Skin hyaluronic acid

These are all repurchases - I love the brand. I’ve been using the hyaluronic acid products daily this winter. They smell and feel so good! Their formulas are a bit light though, so I found that my skin is still a little dry in the winter. I’m hoping that the First Aid Beauty oatmeal mask I got (see below) will help out with that.

Finally, I learned about the brand First Aid Beauty from Hyram on Youtube. It’s one of his top “get on my face right now” brands. I’m excited to try it! The products seem to really target specific skin concerns. The majority of the products I bought are supposed to help with moisture, since my skin is super dry right now in winter.

First Aid Beauty haul

I never wear primer, so I’m pretty excited about this one - I’m hoping that it’ll actually make my pores disappear when I wear it. Excited to try!

All in all, the total for this haul was <$200. Which to be honest, isn’t bad. Considering that these products retail anywhere from $15-30 each, I’m pretty happy with the steep discounts that I got from TJ Maxx. Before checking out I even put a couple of products back, because the amount of skincare in my cart was just ridiculous.

In addition to my skincare haul, I also bought a few new makeup brushes. I’m finally ready to try eyeshadow! I found this insanely detailed article on how to apply eyeshadow for Asian eyes. I’ve been eyeing the Urban Decay Naked palettes for a while but was disappointed to find out that they discontinued the OG palette a long time ago. So I ended up getting the similar Lorac Soleil Palette instead. I can’t wait for it to arrive and to experiment!

I’ll definitely post reviews on the skincare. I think it’s important to track how the products are working out for me, and stop using the ones that don’t make any difference. Be on the lookout for skincare review posts in these next few months!

What skincare products do you use? Any favorite brands?

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