December Book Report

31 December 2021


This month I tried to continue to read books instead of go on social media. I wasn’t as successful as last month (re-downloaded some social media apps, eek), but I still read a good number of them. I also started a bunch of books but didn’t end up finishing them, so you’ll probably see them next month! Here’s what I’ve finished so far:

Dec book report

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Rating: 5/5

I loved this book. It was super practical in explaining how one can build new habits, bit by bit. My biggest takeaway is that something is better than nothing, which is the heart of the “atomic” idea of habit-building. Doing a little bit every day (or most days) is better than not doing at all. I’ve applied this principle to my workouts (some movement is better than no movement!) and practicing piano (10 minutes of practice is better than no practice!). I can already see myself wanting to re-read this book to refresh my memory this next year.

Crying in H Mart

Rating: 4/5

Oh wow, this book really hit the feels. Zauner’s memoir reflecting on her mom’s cancer and then death felt very honest. She didn’t shy away from painting herself in a negative light sometimes. Reading about someone else’s experience dealing with a sick parent was really relatable, as well as her experiences growing up Asian-American. I didn’t love all the food descriptors and metaphors all the time, but I really enjoyed reading her story.

The One

Rating: 4/5

Oh boy, “The One” was a really fun read! What would happen if we submit a DNA sample and be genetically matched to our soulmate? The book explores this question, including the potential negative ramifications that this could cause. I devoured it quickly then tried watching the Netflix show that was based on the book. Unfortunately, the show wasn’t as interesting to me, and I couldn’t get over the differences from the book. Let’s just stick to reading, shall we?

Project Hail Mary

Rating: 4/5

Oh my gosh, what another excellent read! In this near-apocalyptic book, we’re taken on a journey into space in a quest to find a solution to save humanity. Let me tell you, my hands were sweaty and my stomach in knots when I read about the things that went awry for our main character up in space. A good book truly makes the reader feel invested, and I was, just like in “The Martian!” Later I learned about Netflix’s movie “Don’t Look Up,” which had a very similar theme to this book, but a lot more doomed. So imagine “Project Hail Mary” as the flipside of that - what if humanity actually worked together to try to save Earth?

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? See more on my Goodreads!

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