Cozy Games on My Wishlist

24 October 2022

video games

I don’t know what I’m thinking looking up new games that I want to try when this baby is due in less than a month. But I’ll try my best to squeeze the most out of my free time before it’s gone! I’ll have a nice two-week break before the baby’s due date that I want to spend laying on the couch playing cozy Switch games. So based on my research, here’s a list of games that I want in order of “I have to have it NOW” to “it can wait!”

1. Let’s Build a Zoo

Let's Build a Zoo Buy on Amazon

This game looks like OG Zoo Tycoon! I loved all the tycoon games growing up, so I’m really excited about this game. It’s also supposed to be way more relaxed than Planet Zoo - yes, even Plant Zoo stresses me out because there’s so much you can do! I’m hoping that this game will still be able to scratch my “zoo management” itch while being low-stakes enough to be relaxed fun. And from seeing the reviews, it looks to hit the mark!

Platform: PC. The controls seem to work better on there than on Switch. I also like to have a big screen where I can see everything when playing a management-style game.

2. Ooblets


Not gonna lie, the MAIN appeal of this game for me are the insanely cute little critters - ooblets! I am so inspired to crochet my own! But I also do want to play the game. It looks like a cross between Pokemon (challenging ooblets to a DANCE BATTLE) and a farming sim (grow your own ooblet if you won the battle). Some of the mechanics in the game such as the dance battles are quite unique, so I’d like to give the game a try. I absolutely adore the graphics and art style!

Platform: Switch. Seems like a chill enough game where I can play on the couch and pick up/put down whenever I want.

3. Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast Buy on Amazon

Yet another management-style game, only this time you’re a BEAR in the woods opening up a B&B! The visuals are incredibly cute, you can customize/furnish your b&b, and I’m interested to see what kind of storyline this’ll take. As you advance, you build the rooms according to guest specifications to get higher ratings. Not only is this a management-style game, but it also has a map that you can explore and unlock new locations to build even more b&b’s. I can’t wait to get a hold of this game!

Platform: Torn between PC or Switch. I feel like management games will always be better on the PC but there’s also a world-exploring aspect to this as well. What would you do?

4. Dorfromantik


This looks like a chill, tile-laying game that reminds me a lot of Carcassonne. I need something zen to play on the Switch and this looks to be it. All I’m doing is laying down hexagonal tiles to build a city! Yes, points can be earned and quests completed but there are different variants you can choose to match your play style.

Platform: Switch. I actually looked to see if this was also available as a mobile game, but alas, it is not. It would seem to be the perfect game to play while on the toilet!

What Can Wait

These are all Early Access games that look great, but I think I can wait for them to come out in full!

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Buy on Amazon

Everyone’s raving about Disney’s version of Sims. It even has farming and interior decorating! I think the nostalgia from all the Disney characters really appeals to people. But I think I can wait for this to come out (free to play!) in 2023.

Coral Island

Coral Island

The ultimate farming game with a conservation aspect to it. I’m most excited about the diving ability, since I haven’t seen that in other farming sims. Early access grants one in-game year of content. But there’s a lot more features to come based on the roadmap that the developers have released. I’ll be waiting to play this one!

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